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The Cathedral : Special Edition

Instructor : Tom Wiscombe

AT : Brendan Ho

The studio explored the model kits as a space for experimentation about the kit of parts, containers, sets, collections, and related obsessions.  Working with varied parts, assembly techniques, and the box, the studio focussed on the total experience of the model kit. The model kit box itself was designed to specifically pack, nestle, and display the parts inside. The studio also explored the realm of container graphics,  instruction posters, and manuals in terms of graphic style and begin to speculate on how to extend and break model kit logic.  The cathedral special edition was a take on an alternative realism of “The Cathedral” by John Hejduk. By undermining the idea of Hejduk in every single step, The “TheCathedral special edition” focussed on homogeniety, uniform scale and excessive spare parts that take over the Box.

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