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Disney Animation Center Extension

Instructor : Jenny Wu

*This project was done in a group of three.

My responsibility included active involvement  of the concept development,

production of section, Elevation, Site and axon drawings,

Building the 3/32” Section model.

The project focusses on merging two seemingly opposite qualities, the figural with a normative bar geometry. The project was begun by selecting parts with opposing qualities like the generic bar, the cross, the curved bar, and a set of cylindrical volumes.  The generic bar building was placed along the length of Buena Vista St, and we placed a figural building at the northern corner that works as a pivot point between two main thoroughfares from the existing campus.  From the exterior, this intersection reads like a collision of these disparate geometries.  However, in the interior, the intersection becomes a much more calibrated merging of different spatial qualities, programs, and structure. Urbanistically, the eccentric intersection also cracks the bar on the ground level creating the main pedestrian entry to the campus and a pathway into the courtyard through which people could navigate to the rest of the campus.

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