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Bogota Institute of Arts & Humanities

Instructor : Hsinming Fung

AT : Juan Ricardo

The studio researched the core objectives and resulting incarnations of a freshly invigorated typology - an institute of learning - on a site in Bogota, Colombia, where the priorities and traditional objectives have not yet calcified. Academic buildings are nothing but “ exchange clusters” - places where knowledge is exchanged and retained, in a continuous process of decay, and challenge, and renewal. This project focuses on the spatial intersection and the multidisciplinary exchange between the arts and the humanities. Central to the Bronx district revival initiative, this cultural hub aims to encourage, or amplifying, the dynamic relationship between urban pedestrian flow and local architectural conditions distinctive to Bogotá. The building loops, intersects, and fragments in a radial configuration to form a dialogue between the public plaza and the urban campus. This creates an arrangement of parts that extend towards the perimeter, creating ends that knot towards the center. Exaggerated flatness in volume allows the mass to assimilate into the majority of the site and engage with the frame, with the boundary. The profiles of these intersecting volumes are then arrayed onto one another to form a compositional grid, which would then suggest opportunities and guidelines for for both the interior and the exterior.

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